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Here you will find the current policy documentation for each of the providers we have available. To view the documentation, simply click on the appropriate link below.

Please note that if you are an existing customer, the documentation below may have changed since you purchased. Please Contact Us to request a copy of your documents, or see your original purchase email.

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All policies (CBEE, CBEL, CBEN and CBEP):

European policies (CBMO and CBMF):

Bronze, Gold and Platinum policies (CBMB, CBMG and CBMP):

UK Local and Home Start (CBIS):

UK National (CBIG):

UK National and Home Start (CBIP):

UK National Home Start and European (CBIE):

European Only (CBIS):

Documents for policies that are no longer available

Annual UK and European (CB2E):

Single Trip European (CB2S):

Annual UK Local (CB2U):

Annual UK Home Start (CB2H):