The Best Road Trips in Europe

By , 25 June 2019

Let’s face it. We’ve all, at some point in our lives, dreamt of the perfect, most incredible, ‘instagramable’ road trip in the world. Fortunately, right on our doorstep are some truly unbelievable roads. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best and most interesting road trips in Europe, take a look and tell us what you think:

1. Italy - Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast in Italy

We begin with an absolute classic. Fly into Naples and head south along the ‘Strada Statale 18’ to find one of the most stunning coastlines you’ll ever see. White chinos, Ray Bans and hair gel reign supreme here so, if possible, make sure you're driving a convertible, if for no other reason than you’ll complete the vintage Italian look so well, Al Pacino himself will high-five you. You’ll pass through Pompeii, a jewel of unparalleled intrigue in itself. Spend some time here wandering through the preserved streets and homes of the once untroubled city in the shadow of the spectacular Mount Vesuvius. Continue around the peninsula to the quiet town of Sorrento, a picturesque, overnight stop. Continue down and you’ll finish in Salerno. The best place to visit here is the ‘Lungomare Trieste’, once described as the greatest seaside promenade ever built.

2. France/Switzerland - La Route Des Grandes Alpes

France / Switzerland - La Route Des Grandes Alpes

A slightly chillier prospect in at number 2 here. Deep in the eastern section of France lurks on of the most stunning roads you will ever drive on. Steep sided mountains, canyons, cliff drops and snow-capped peaks; there isn’t a moment where the phenomenal landscape will attempt to pry your eyes off the road ahead. The A40 sounds like such an unassuming name for a road, but we can’t recommend this drive enough. After stopping off in Geneva for some Cheese fondue or a couple of €100,000 crystal embossed wristwatches, head south towards Chamonix, arguably the most prized ski resort in Europe. Whilst you’re here, there’s absolutely no reason not to drive through the Mont Blanc Tunnel (apart from maybe the toll cost!) I mean it’s not often you get to drive through a continent’s highest mountain, so well worth the loss in radio reception.

3. Germany – Autobahn 96

Autobahn 96 in Germany

The old, 96, huh? What a road. Oh, you don’t know it? Never heard of it you say? Hmm. Well. The stretch we’re talking about begins in Munich, an amazing city, home to the best Bavarian beverages (please consume responsibly, we’re an insurance company for god sake), and bratwurst you’re ever likely to eat. Head west on the 96 to find a long stretch of Autobahn where, we don’t have to tell you, there are no speed limits (still an insurance company, guys) so enjoy this part of the trip safely. The road culminates in the hidden gem of Lindau. Situated on the pristine shores of Lake Constance, Lindau actually has its own island called: Lindau Island, but apart from being terrible at naming it’s islands, Lindau is a remarkable place to sit back, relax and appreciate how happy, efficient and debt free everyone around you is.

4. U.K. – M25

Nah just kidding.

5. Spain – Galician Coast

Spain - Galician Coast

We don’t really associate Spain with the colour green; but in the northwest corner of this amazing country is the greenest countryside you’ll see outside of a Hovis advert. Starting in the city of Vigo, head north and you’ll arrive at Santiago Di Compostela, the UNESCO World Heritage site and home to the infamous catholic pilgrimage finish line, so feel free to stop here and tell the people who walked, how quickly you could do it in a car, they really appreciate that. After this, continue due north and you’ll end up in A Coruña, the beautiful port town facing the Bay of Biscay. For foodies, this place is a Mecca, fresh, traditional seafood is a staple here and they do it so, so, SO well.

6. Ireland – Cork to Galway

Ireland - Cork to Galway

The scenic drive north from Cork to Galway is like stepping back in time, the roads here wind through the numerous villages and hamlets that decorate Ireland’s west coast. Hug that coast as closely as you can whilst heading to Killarney, a small but very cute town on the shores of Lough Leane. A must see here is Ross Castle, the 15th century fortress that’s free to visitand wander through. After this, continue north and take the car ferry to County Clare and stop by the famous cliffs of Moher, filming location of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, oh and they’re also unique rock formations, made from some of the most stunning and ancient geological patterns known to man, and Daniel Radcliffe stood there! After you’ve calmed down, finish your journey in the quaint port city of Galway. Take in traditional Irish folk bands, of which dozens inhabit here, and a well-earned rest along Galway’s copious canals.

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