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Caravan Breakdown Cover from CBC

With over 500,000 caravans on the UK roads and the incredible scenery of the British countryside just waiting to be taken in, now's the perfect time to find the right breakdown cover for your beloved caravan that gives you adequate cover, without breaking the bank.

What is Caravan Breakdown Cover?

Caravan Breakdown Cover is insurance that covers your caravan (or trailer) should you suffer a breakdown with your towing vehicle. It can provide both recovery of your caravan and repairs too, depending on the type of policy you have, so check your policy to make sure you’re clear on what cover is included.

Do I Need Caravan Breakdown Cover?

Caravan Breakdown Cover isn’t compulsory like car insurance, but it can be very useful especially to avoid potential headaches whilst on holiday. The last thing you want when you’ve set off on your travels to enjoy some time off is a breakdown with no cover in place.

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Are Trailers Covered?

Caravan and Trailer Breakdown Cover

If you tow a trailer rather than a caravan then you will benefit from the same cover levels as caravan towers do, you don’t even need to specify that you tow a trailer during your quote. It’s that simple!

What Else is Covered?

Our providers offer a selection of breakdown cover designed for use both in the UK and throughout Europe and offers peace of mind to those who are towing a caravan or trailer. Each of our providers offer their cover on a single trip or annual multi-trip basis.

Recovery Only

Caravan/trailer recovery only cover means that you purchase a breakdown cover policy for your main vehicle, and if you do break down then any towed caravan or trailer will be recovered along with the main vehicle. It is important to note, however, that any breakdown of the caravan or trailer itself is not covered under this type of policy, cover only applies to the main vehicle.

Recovery and Repair

Caravan/trailer recovery and repair cover means that your towed caravan or trailer is eligible for roadside assistance and recovery in the same way as your main vehicle, meaning that if there is a problem with just the caravan, you can call the emergency number for help, and this can be provided even if there is no breakdown related to the main vehicle.

European Cover

Some of our assistance partners offer European cover for caravans and trailers too, simply select the European option when you get a quote. You can find out more info about European breakdown cover here.

What Do I Do if I Break Down?

If you do break down whilst towing a caravan or trailer always prioritise your safety and the safety of others around you. Move to a verge or hard shoulder if available and then exit your vehicle when it is safe to do so.

You’ll need to phone your assistance provider and the number for that is on your certificate of insurance. Once you’ve contacted them and help has been sent your way, make sure you stay out of your caravan and away from your vehicle in case of any accidents.