MOT's and Servicing

Broken Down Car

What's the deal with MOT's and Servicing?

So why should you conduct an annual MOT and what is the benefit of servicing your car annually? First off, in terms of the law (DVLA) an owner of a vehicle older than three years is obligated to have an annual MOT done (taxi’s and private hire vehicles have to have a bi-annual MOT) in order to certify that the vehicle is roadworthy. This is beneficial to you for the following reasons:

Whilst an annual service is not compulsory, it is hugely beneficial for the following reasons:

Are Vehicle Services That Important?

In a word, yes. I know they may seem like a pain, and often costly, but they're incredibly important to help make sure your is kept in good working order which reduces the chance of an break down.

When it comes to selling your car, a full service history is vital if you want to get a good and fair price for it. Many dealerships will insist on a full service history for your car when selling it, and even if you sell it privately, it will help your car's value immensely.