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Single Trip European Breakdown Cover from CBC

What is Single Trip European Breakdown Cover?

Single trip European breakdown cover is pretty much your standard “going abroad” breakdown cover. It’s designed to offer you short term cover to keep you insured whilst you’re away, so when you choose a policy, simply select the dates that you need cover for and you can rest easy that you’re protected whilst you travel, it’s that easy!

With this type of cover, you’re also offered several benefits that make breaking down in a foreign country that little bit easier, including motorway fees cover, hire car options and even repatriation.

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What’s Good About Single Trip European Breakdown Cover?

Alongside the usual roadside assistance and recovery provided by UK breakdown cover, single trip policies normally come with the following additions:

Onward Travel

Sometimes repairs aren’t as quick and simple as they can be and complicated fixes sometimes take a few days or more, especially if you broke down in a rural area. In this case and should you need to get to your desired destination to keep your holiday moving forward, your single trip policy normally covers the cost (up to monetary limit) for onward travel for either a hire car or via public transport (e.g. train, bus, taxi, etc), just make sure you keep all receipts and records of your rental. Also, your policy may cover the cost of returning to collect your vehicle once repaired.

Overnight Accommodation

If getting to your destination isn’t as important to you and you’d rather stick around to make sure your car does get fixed in a timely manner, your single trip policy with us covers the cost (up to monetary limit) for overnight accommodation for you and your passengers whilst you wait, so at least you can get your head down and rest, safe in the knowledge that your car is getting fixed nearby.

Motorway Fees

Certain European countries require fees to be paid for recovery if you happen to breakdown on a motorway as they are technically private roads. If you breakdown on a private motorway in Europe (i.e. a toll road), head to the nearest SOS phone and get yourself recovered. This can be a costly service, but if you keep your receipt your single trip policy with us will reimburse you this cost up to £150.


If your vehicle has broken down and if after all other options have been explored to repair your vehicle by the time you are due to make the homeward trip to the UK, your policy should cover the costs of returning you and your passengers to your home address in the UK and also cover the cost of public transport for returning to collect your vehicle once repairs are complete, so that you may drive the vehicle back yourself.

If however, if it is not possible to repair your vehicle within 14 days of the date you are due to make the homeward trip to the UK, your policy should cover the costs of your returning you, your passengers and your car to your home address in the UK. The car will travel separately and you will be advised when your car will be delivered.

In addition, if during your trip the main driver of the vehicle is taken ill and no other passengers are eligible to drive the vehicle, your policy may be able to provide a chauffeur to driver your vehicle back to your home address in the UK.

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Single trip vs. Annual European Breakdown Cover

We’re often asked which cover is the right type for our customers when it comes to being protected in Europe. Basically, it comes down to how often you find yourself driving abroad. If it’s more often than once a year, then an annual policy might be the best way to go, especially as this also includes cover in the UK so only a single policy is required and more cost-effective. Paying a one-off annual payment is often easier then setting up multiple policies throughout the year.

If your journey abroad is just a one-off and you don’t make a habit out of driving in Europe then single trip cover is probably all you’ll need, and the most cost-effective for you.

If you are interested in our other options though, head to our European Breakdown cover page for all the info.

Which Countries Will I Be Covered in?

If you choose either a Single Trip or Annual European cover, then you could be covered when driving in the following countries, but please ensure the countries you are visiting or driving through are listed in the cover information of your chosen policy:

Andorra, Austria, Albania, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, The Channel Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Isle of Man, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Netherlands, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Spain, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

What Happens if I Breakdown Whilst on Holiday?

Should the unthinkable happen and you do breakdown whilst on holiday in Europe, it can be very stressful and a little overwhelming, but with a single trip policy from us, we try to make the process of getting you help as easy as we can.

Firstly, you need to contact your assistance provider, this is clearly shown on your policy wording, then you just need to phone the number on our claims page and follow the instructions over the phone, and you’ll be put through to a specialist adviser who can help get you the help you need.

If you have any further questions about this then head to our contact us page where you can get in touch with our awesome customer service team.

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Our Single-Trip European Breakdown Cover Reviews

Our Reviews

Feedback for Breakdown Cover has been compiled from 87 customer reviews:

Best price

Unfortunately we did have a breakdown but delighted with the service provided.

The service was very poor and made my holiday a total disaster

We added a comment , by Dom:

Good morning, I am so sorry to hear that you had broken down on holiday and that you are unhappy with the service received. I have just tried to call you to discuss this however I have not been able to get through. Please call back at your earliest convenience or submit full details via our contact form and I will look into this for you. Kind regards Rebecca


Brilliant ,really helpful .really good service

Very simple

Easy to purchase with no surprises. Didn't need to use the service thankfully.

In the past 5 years we have booked the travel and breakdown cover via Eurotunnel but this year their only sell the policy if you booked the all package including the train, as we going via Portsmouth to Bilbao with Brittany Ferries we have to look elsewhere and we discover online CBC, excellent service and easy to book, our breakdown cover is with the same breakdown cover as before through Allianz Global, and excellent value, highly recommended, we never needed to call on their services in past 5/6 years but on paper their deserve 5 Stars. We travel every year to Portugal in our 7 Seats vehicle with 3 adults and 3 children, we have to chose a good cover better save than sorry.

Easy done.

So far good. Hope I dont require to call on this insurance!

Very good service

Quick and good price, thankfully didn't need the service so can't comment.

Easy to find the different cover options Good information Quick to pay and receive confirmation and policy info

100 % positive

I took your cover as it was competative and did the minimum of what I required. I would not be able to rate you properly as a company unless I had a breakdown and was able to see what your response was. Hence the 3 star. I purchase sigle trip to Europe cover for my motorcycle primarily for dealing with a puncture in the middle of nowhere, roadside repair of a simple issue and the ability to repatriate my bike to a trusted garage of my choosing in the event of a serious breakdown or serious enough accident.

It has all the benefits that we were looking for and at a good price.

Easy to book and a good level of cover. Thankfully the breakdown service wasn't required.

Easy to tske a policy in the hope that you do not have to use it. Thank goodness we did not have to call for any emergency help!

Easy to apply on line,