Frequently Asked Questions

Here you should find answers to the most common questions we receive about the breakdown cover products featured on this website.

Our FAQs are intended as a guide and are not exhaustive, you should not rely on these in their entirety and should read the Policy Wording for all policy Terms, Conditions and Exclusions. If you have any additional queries regarding our insurance please use our Contact Us section to call us during normal office hours or contact us by email. We will endeavour to respond to any queries within 24 business hours.

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Q.       In what countries am I covered?

You are covered throughout the UK and/or mainland Europe, as defined in your policy or service agreement schedule.

Unless you select Allianz ‘Zone 1 only’, all of our providers offer cover in at least the following countries: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Isles, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Some of these territorial limits vary between our providers, and often other countries are covered as well as the above. For full details, check our Cover Information Table

Q.       What type of vehicles do you cover?

All of our providers can cover cars up to 3500kg, and some of our providers can also cover motorcycles, motorised caravans and light vans. Other vehicles may be supported by our providers individually. Please refer to our Cover Information Table for more details.

Important Note: All vehicles covered must be serviced, maintained and operated as recommended by the manufacturer and hold a current valid MOT certificate if applicable.

Q.       Are there any weight or size limits for my vehicle?
A. There will be a restriction on the maximum weight, length, height and width of your vehicle. Please refer to our Cover Information Table for more details.
Q.       Can I change my vehicle after I have purchased cover?
A. Yes, you are permitted to change the vehicle you have on cover. Depending on the vehicle, there may be an additional premium to pay. Simply Contact Us before you travel for more details.
Q.       For annual multi-trip cover, how many days am I covered for?
A. For all of our Annual multi-trip products, cover will be provided for 12 months from the commencement date and for any number of round trips provided that each trip does not exceed the maximum permitted duration offered by that provider and that your vehicle departs from and returns to the UK on each trip. For trip duration limits, please refer to our Cover Information Table.
Q.       I am going on a single trip, how many days can you provide cover for?
A. Single trip limits vary between our breakdown cover providers. For full details, please refer to our Cover Information Table
Q.       What is the maximum age of vehicle you can cover?
A. Age limitations vary depending on the trip length and type of cover. Please refer to our Cover Information Table for more information.
Q.       Am I covered before I depart? (EU only policy)

All of our providers will cover you on the journey between your home address and your point of international departure from the UK.

In addition, some of our providers include ‘cover before you depart’, meaning that if you purchase in advance of a specified short time period of your planned departure and your vehicle is then stolen and not recovered, or an event occurs which means you cannot use your intended vehicle before you travel, alternative arrangements can be made.

If you purchase within this specified short time period of your planned departure then the ‘cover before you depart’ section will not apply, however you will still be covered on the single journey between your home and point of exit from the UK.

Q.       Am I able to purchase Breakdown Cover if I am not a UK resident?
A. No, only UK residents (and residents of the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man) are eligible to purchase breakdown cover from this website.
Q.       If I purchase breakdown cover, are there any administrative fees or charges added?
A. No, if you purchase cover though Compare Breakdown Cover we do not charge any administrative fees.
Q.       Will you cover the cost of obtaining spare parts if none are available locally?
A. Some of our providers cover you if they are unable to obtain spare parts locally. They will arrange to have them delivered to you, subject to availability and import restrictions. Please note you are responsible for the cost of the spare parts themselves and any customs duty payable.
Q.       Will you help me pursue uninsured losses against third parties arising from a road traffic accident?
A. Some of our providers will provide assistance for legal costs and expenses in recovering uninsured losses up to the amount shown in the Cover Information Table.
Q.       If the vehicle breaks down, what should I immediately do?
A. You should contact the relevant claims department using the emergency number on either your policy wording or service contract agreement. If you are not sure which number to call, please visit our Make a Claim page.
Q.       If the vehicle breaks down, what should I not do?
A. You should not contact any garage or recovery operator directly. This could invalidate your claim.
Q.       Some providers state that I must carry a serviceable spare wheel. However my car is equipped by the manufacturer with run-flat tyres/tyre puncture sealant kit, Or I have a motorcycle. Am I still covered?
A. Yes, you are covered, as long as the alternatives to a spare wheel are as specified by the manufacturer. (Including motorcycles)
Q.       Do you cover hire cars?
A. All of our providers cover hire vehicles as long as you have the hirer’s permission and that the vehicle type is one that they would normally cover. See Cover Information Table for more details. You will need a VE103 'vehicle on hire certificate' to show you’re allowed to use a hire vehicle if you’re driving it abroad.
Q.       If I purchase breakdown cover, am I covered personally or do you just cover the vehicle?
A. All our products are designed to cover the vehicle, not the purchaser. However cover will be extended to any member of your party provided they have your permission and the appropriate license and insurance to drive the vehicle you have covered. If the vehicle has been hired they must also meet the requirements and conditions of the hirer.
Q.       I drive a company owned car and want to take this on holiday to Europe, do you cover this?
A. Yes, some of our providers will cover company vehicles that are taken abroad for personal use. The company vehicle must be registered in the UK and you must have the necessary permission and insurance to drive the vehicle abroad. The vehicle must also meet the definition of a vehicle type that would normally be covered. See our Cover Information Table for more information. Please note we do not cover commercial vehicles that are being used for business purposes whilst travelling overseas. Please check the Cover Information Table for more details.
Q.       I'm already overseas and would like to take out cover, is this possible?
A. No, unfortunately we can only cover trips that originate from the UK (Including Channel Islands) and return to the UK during the period of cover.
Q.       If I need to make a claim, is there an excess to pay?
A. Normally there is no excess amount to pay should you need to make a claim. However, some aspects of your cover may operate on a pay and reclaim basis, such as overnight accomodation or motorway recovery fees. Please refer to the relevant Documentation for more details.
Q.       Do you cover one way trips?
A. No, your journey must start and end in the UK for cover to apply.
Q.       Are there any age limits?
A. Yes, some providers have age restrictions. Please refer to our Cover Information Table for more details.
Q.       I Live in the Channel Islands, can I get cover?
A. Yes, Some of our providers treat the Channel Islands as part of the UK, so you can get cover with them if your journey starts in the Channel Islands. Please refer to our Cover Information Table for more details.
Q.       Can you cover multiple vehicles under one agreement?
A. Our policy will cover a single vehicle only. If you require cover for more than one vehicle, you must purchase a separate policy for each vehicle.
Q.       How many passengers can I take?
A. All of our breakdown cover products have a specified limit for the number of passengers they can cover. This is shown in the Cover Information Table. If you have more passengers than the limit allows, you would not be eligible for cover.
Q.       Do you cover pets travelling in the vehicle?
A. Unfortunately, none of our providers can guarantee that they will be able to provide transport or recovery for pets, however all will try their best to help. If there are any additional costs or expenses, these will be your responsibility.
Q.       How will I receive my policy documents?

Policy documents are sent to your email address within minutes of purchase. You should print these together with the policy wording or service agreement and take these on your trip.

Should you wish us to post your documents then we may do this for a small Post & Packaging fee of £2.50 and you are given the opportunity to request this during the purchase of our breakdown cover.

Q.       How are payments taken?
A. Payments are only taken securely online through SagePay. We are not currently able to accept payment over the phone or through the post.
Q.       Are punctures covered?
A. Some of our providers offer cover for punctures, please see our Cover Information Table
Q.       Do you cover commercial vehicles?
A. We are unable to cover any vehicles that are being used for business or commercial purposes. However, light vans and business vehicles which are only being used for personal use (i.e. no commerical gain) are acceptable for all of our providers.