European Driving Kits

A Guide to What You Need when Driving through Europe.

Ok. It’s the morning of your big driving holiday trip. You channel tunnel train tickets are booked and sitting snug in your pocket. The car is packed. The kids are in. The dog is in. You’ve got 12 suitcases packed with clothes for every possible weather change (even though you know it won’t rain) and the car boot looks like the most complicated game of Tetris ever attempted. So you’re forgiven if your mind isn’t thinking about whether you remembered your high-vis jacket and breathalyser. With having to remember so much it can be very easy to forget the little things. But Driving Kits for Europe are more important than you may think.

In some European countries, you’re required by law to carry certain things with you in your car at all times. Add in the threat of on-the-spot fines up to €250 and it’s well worth making sure you have what you need.

We’ve put together a handy guide to car equipment you’re legally required to have with you, recommended to take with you, and equipment that is not required in some of the most popular European driving destinations:

Arc de Triomphe in Paris Have a look at our European Breakdown Cover now.