European Breakdown Cover Guide

Having spent months saving up the money for the trip and more time planning the route, the last thing you need is your trip ruined by a broken down vehicle or an accident which leaves the driver incapable of driving further. Being stranded on a trip is a worry to any travellers.

Motor Vehicle Breakdown Cover is a perfect solution to your worries. We can't prevent you breaking down, but we can give you the peace of mind that if you do, you are in safe hands.

Here we give you some examples of the type of cover you can expect from the policies available through

Please bear in mind that the details, limits and cover may vary between insurers, so be sure to read your Documentation and see our Cover Information Table before you purchase.

Breakdown Before travel starts

You are driving home from work when suddenly there is a horrific noise from the engine, clouds of smoke billowing from the exhaust and the car slowly grinds to a stop. Your heart beats in panic thinking about the trip you had planned, driving down to Southern France. The chance now of two weeks in the sun seems very unlikely. You then remember you wisely took out European breakdown cover.

Theft Before travel starts

You push the supermarket trolley back to the parking bay and cannot find the car. Checking to see if you have walked to the right bay the truth starts to sink in. Your car has been stolen. To make matters worse, you are due to drive to Austria in 3 days time on a hiking trip with friends.

Roadside assistance and towing

You are with your family driving through Germany. The car is laden with your luggage and seems to be losing power. To your dismay it slows down more and more and comes to a stop on the side of the road. No matter what you try to do the car will not re-start.

Emergency labour

You break down on the side of a French Auto-route. Knowing nothing at all about cars you will need professional help to get the vehicle working again.

Loss of use of the insured vehicle

While on holiday in Spain, driving down to Marbella, your engine management system fails completely. Your car will be off the road for 3 days as parts need to be delivered.

Repatriation costs

Having successfully toured Italy in your car, it starts to run very unevenly 2 days before you are due to start driving home. A visit to the local garage diagnoses burnt out exhaust valves and the earliest they can have the car repaired is in 5 days time. However, you need to be back on time for an important meeting at work.

Providing a chauffeur to return you home

While on a family ski trip to Les Arcs you break your leg while skiing off-piste. Your wife has not yet passed her driving test.

Delivering spare parts

Your car breaks down while staying in Montpellier in France. Your local garage cannot supply the parts and they need to be delivered from Sweden.

Legal defence

Your worst nightmare: you are involved in a car accident in Rome. The police have charged you with negligence.

Advance of funds

Following a motoring offence in Denmark you are arrested and detained in custody. You and your family are suffering considerable distress.

Attempted Theft

Upon returning to your parked car in Spain, you are horrified to see your driver’s side window smashed in as thieves have tried to steal the vehicle.

For full terms and conditions, check our Cover Information Table and Documentation, and why not Get a Quote and see how much you could save today?