Roof Box Tips and Advice

When you travel abroad, Compare Breakdown Cover knows that roof boxes are very useful to help transport your luggage. We have put together a few tips for you on their use.

Before you buy a roof box consider the area of the roof of the car and the shape of box that would best suit your needs.

If you intend to carry skis and snowboards then a longer, thinner box will be best. However if you are intending to carry more bulky objects like suitcases, then a shorter, wider box would be more useful.

Basically heavier objects should be loaded more centrally to ensure an even distribution of the added weight.

Any luggage placed in the box should be well secured to ensure there is no movement of items under braking or acceleration.

Refer to the car manufacturer’s handbook, regarding the maximum weight that can be carried so that the car is not over laden. Never exceed this load. If possible always place the heavier objects inside the car and lighter more bulky items in the roof box.

Refer to the manufacturer’s handbook to check if the tyre pressures need to be altered, to accommodate the additional weight. Remember to re-adjust the pressure once the roof box has been removed.

Having this extra weight will alter the manner in which the car handles. You should therefore alter your driving style to accommodate this. The added height alters the centre of gravity of the car, which in turn will alter the manner in which it corners. This height also makes the car more vulnerable to strong cross winds.

The added weight means that the car gathers more momentum as it travels, so braking will take longer.

As a guide it is recommended to travel more slowly in the vehicle when a roof box is fitted, particularly for the first part of the journey.

Roof boxes should be removed when not in use though. Despite their aerodynamic shape they still increase air resistance and fuel consumption may therefore increase.

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