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Single Trip

Local Cover

Call Assist National Breakdown Eversure
  • Roadside assistance
  • Recovery to a local garage
  • Selection of providers

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National Cover

Call Assist National Breakdown Eversure
  • Roadside assistance
  • National recovery
  • Onwards Travel

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National & Homestart Cover

Call Assist National Breakdown Eversure
  • Roadside assistance
  • National recovery & homestart
  • Onwards Travel

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United Kingdom Breakdown Cover

UK Breakdown Cover is designed for use only in the United Kingdom, often over a certain distance away from your home address unless a home start level policy is selected.

Generally, the starting level of cover will offer basic roadside assistance, where a repair mechanic will come out to the location of your broken down vehicle and spend up to one hour trying to fix the problem at the roadside. If the mechanic is unable to fix the problem, they will normally be able to recover your vehicle, yourself and your passengers to a nearby garage so that further repairs can be carried out. However, the cost of spare parts and labour once you reach the garage are not covered by breakdown policies and you will have to pay for these yourself. Please make sure you read through the relevant Policy Documentation before purchasing.

A relay service, sometimes called ‘onwards travel’ is usually included. This means that once you and your vehicle have been taken to a local garage for further repairs, you, and your passengers can be taken to either on to your destination, or back to your home address. You may also be able to choose to have the vehicle recovered to a garage of your choice instead of a local garage, this is detailed in the policy wording.

If the vehicle cannot be repaired on the same day as the breakdown, there may be an option available so that you can have the cost of public transport, a hire vehicle, or overnight accommodation reimbursed by your Breakdown Cover provider to enable you to continue to your destination or wait whilst your vehicle is being repaired.

Some of our Breakdown Recovery providers offer several upgrades to their UK cover. This can include an upgrade from local recovery to nationwide recovery, and home start. This will normally give you the same cover as you get with the basic roadside assistance, but without the minimum distance restriction. There may also be a European cover option available as well.