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By , 26 February 2021

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In our quest to attempt to make breakdown cover easier to understand for our customers, we’ve put together the CBC Breakdown cover Explained Guide to try to de-mystify the world of insurance, leaving our customers better prepared and more educated when it comes to breaking down.

In this article, we cover everything to do with one of the benefits we get asked most about: home start.

What is Home Start?

Home start is an optional policy benefit that generally provides cover if you breakdown at or within a certain distance from your home. For our policies, this is typically a 1 mile radius from your house, but this can be different for other providers. Historically, home start wasn’t included in breakdown cover, as people needed help most when they were further away from their house, in an unknown area. If people broke down at their house in the past, local garages were relied upon to attend and fix the problem, at a cost.

Nowadays, with local garages on occasions charging a call out or inspection fee and not always able to help, especially in rural or hard-to-reach places, home start was introduced to help customers receive assistance wherever their home may be and often saving you money in the process.

Is Home Start Always Offered?

Home start is not always included as standard in breakdown cover policies, so make sure you select it if it’s something you think you’ll need. There are few things worse than expecting cover when it’s not there, so it’s really important that you check your policy thoroughly before you purchase and you know what cover levels to expect in the event of a breakdown.

What Do I Do if I Breakdown at Home?

Breaking down at your house with home start is identical, if not that bit easier than breaking down when you’re miles away. For a start, you have a nice warm and cosy house to retreat to while you wait!

Simply phone your assistance provider, whose number is visible on your policy wording or certificate of insurance, tell them where you are and they’ll take care of the rest!

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