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By , 12 February 2021

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We know there’s an awful lot of jargon when it comes to insurance, and for that we’re truly sorry! To help you wade through the policy wordings and quote journeys, we’ve put together some helpful guides all about the specifics of breakdown cover and what they mean for you and your policy.

This one’s all about roadside recovery. The what, where, why and how of one of the staples of a good breakdown cover policy.

What is Roadside Recovery?

Roadside recovery is one of the most basic aspects of breakdown cover after roadside assistance

When you breakdown in your vehicle, usually your recovery agent will attempt to fix your car at the roadside for a certain period of time. If they are unable to solve the problem, then you’ll be recovered to a garage to get it looked at further.

Sometimes our customers ask if roadside recovery only applies if you breakdown at the roadside. This isn’t true, if you break down in a car park for example, you’ll still be offered recovery if it’s possible.

Where Will I be Recovered to?

Where your vehicle will be recovered to depends on the kind of policy you have. For example, a local UK Breakdown cover policy, will only offer you recovery to a local garage within a certain distance form where you broke down.

Your options are more flexible with a national UK Breakdown policy. When you’re offered recovery it can be to any garage within the UK, so if you’ve broken down far away from your home, you can be recovered closer to your house should you choose to.

Another great addition in national recovery is that if your car can’t be repaired by the end of the working day, you can be recovered to either your home address or original destination, whichever you’d prefer.

Getting recovered in Europe is a little different. Here at CompareBreakdownCover, our assistance partners work with a network of European garages, so where you breakdown will heavily depend on where you’ll be recovered to.

Is Roadside Recovery Offered on Every Policy?

Whilst roadside recovery is very common, don’t assume it’s on every policy you’ll ever see. Luckily at CompareBreakdownCover, we do offer roadside recovery on every policy, so you don’t have to worry about not having it!

Interested in our cover? Head to our Breakdown Cover page and grab yourself a quote now.

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