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By , 27 April 2021

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Breakdown cover can be a touch confusing, especially when we start diving into the more detailed parts of the cover. We’re trying to pull back the veil on the often misunderstood, misquoted and frankly incorrect aspects of breakdown cover to try and help our customers and anyone interested in finding out more about breakdown cover in general.

In this article we focus on family cover and how it could save your household an awful lot of money in the long run.

What is Family Cover?

Family cover is a policy benefit exclusively offered in personal breakdown cover. It allows you to select up to a certain number of family members to be covered under your policy, so that they receive the same cover level as you do.

It’s important to remember that the family members you choose should live at your address, but they don’t need to be related to you, so spouses and common-law partners can be included.

Is Family Cover Included as Standard?

With family cover, you almost always have to declare that you wish to include multiple people in your policy before you purchase it, think of family cover not so much as a policy benefit but more an upgrade to your personal breakdown cover.

Some breakdown providers may allow you to include family members after purchase and pay an extra amount to upgrade your policy, but this is not always offered by every company, so check before you buy!

What are the Limits to Family Cover?

The family members you select in your policy (for a CBC policy you won’t need to name them, simply select the amount of people you wish to cover) will all be offered the exact same cover levels as the policy holder, so you’ll only be limited to what your personal breakdown cover offers you.

Make sure you check your policy wording so you know exactly what benefits you should expect from your personal breakdown cover policy.

Will Family Cover Save Me Money?

This is an excellent question. It does depend on the amount of people you choose to cover and of course which breakdown provider you decide to purchase your policy with.

Generally speaking, one personal breakdown cover policy with a total of 4 family members (who drive frequently) included in it will be significantly cheaper than purchasing 4 separate personal breakdown cover policies. So in that instance you could save yourself an awful lot of money annually by consolidating your family into one policy.

It’s important to remember though that prices vary wildly by breakdown company, the best thing you can do is a little bit of research into which one is the best for your circumstance and which one may save you the most.

For more information on our personal breakdown cover, head to our personal breakdown cover page for all the info and to grab a quote if you’re interested.

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