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By , 27 April 2021

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When it comes to personal breakdown cover, there are a few extra policy benefits that you don’t find on a vehicle breakdown cover policy. We’ve put together a guide of breakdown terms to help you while you choose cover, and to make sure you have as much information at your fingertips as possible.

This article is all about passenger cover and why it’s an important part of your personal breakdown policy.

What is Passenger Cover?

Passenger cover is an additional policy benefit, only ever included in personal breakdown cover, that means even if you’re just travelling as a passenger in a car and it breaks down, you’ll be able to phone your assistance provider to request assistance even if the driver of the car doesn’t have any cover in place.

What Types of Breakdown Policies include Passenger Cover?

It’s important to remember that passenger cover is only ever included in personal breakdown cover, not vehicle breakdown cover. Also, you’ll never see passenger cover as an option in a European single trip policy either, it’s purely unique to personal policies.

What Do I Do if the Car I’m a Passenger in Breaks Down?

The first thing to do, would be to ask if the driver of the vehicle has breakdown cover, if they do then let them handle the situation, as their vehicle is their responsibility in the first instance.

If they don’t, then you can suggest calling your assistance provider. When you phone, make it clear that the vehicle isn’t yours (if asked) and that you’re just a passenger, they’ll ask you a few more questions to make sure they have all the info they need (e.g. details of how the vehicle broken down, if the fault is known and if any warning lighting appear on the dashboard) and then they’ll schedule a breakdown recovery agent to attend the vehicle to hopefully repair the fault. .

Does Passenger Cover Include Motorcycles?

Whilst not all personal breakdown cover policies include motorcycles, ones from CBC do. So even if you’re a passenger on the back of a Harley and things go wrong, you can still phone for assistance using your personal breakdown cover policy from us!

Does Passenger Cover Include Any Other Vehicles?

Normally passenger cover is restricted to cars but may also other vehicle types such as vans and motorcycles but may have a age restriction for vehicle, so you should always check the policy wording, before you purchase to confirm any restrictions which apply to the cover.

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